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Annual Report

To manage an organization effectively, senior executives and boards of directors need timely and accurate finan­cial information. Traditionally, internal accounting and finance departments have provided this data. But Year-end reporting has been a demanding task. Increas­ingly, organizations recognize that outsourcing some or all of this responsibility is more efficient and, in many cases, results in better quality service. ITMatchOnline associated outsourcing service providers can assist in preparation of the reporting required for limited and listed companies, including subsidiaries.

ITMatchOnline associated outsourcing service providers will make preparation and maintenance of accurate and mean­ingful financial data a hassle-free support func­tion that will provide executives and the board of directors with useful and timely information. They have the capacity to handle many, if not all, of your financial management/accounting needs. Their team serves a wide range of organizations. They can provide full or partial outsourcing. They can even provide tem­porary services and resources as needed.

A traditional internal accounting and finance department requires such hard costs as salaries and benefits, as well as rent for office space, computer hardware and software, training and management. Working with ITMatchOnline associated outsourcing service providers, you pay only for direct time incurred on your behalf.

These service providers have years of experience and a dedicated staff that prepares and files annual reports on behalf of the customers. Outsourcing your annual report management to them lets your staff focus on core business activities, improving productivity. Meanwhile, their dedicated specialists will do everything for you, including:

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